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Pacific Pickleball is a proud partner of DUPR

Don't have a DUPR account?

DUPR Nights

Every Thursday Night 7-9pm, and Friday Night 8-10pm. Different levels and categories offered every week.

DUPR Nights

Every Thursday Night 7-9pm, and Friday Night 8-10pm. Different levels and categories offered every week.

In order to register for DUPR, you must put down your rating in your CourtReserve Profile. This may be your self-assessed rating, or your DUPR rating. Make sure to head over to CourtReserve, login, and then input your rating under 'Personal Information' from the drop down menu.

This is a DUPR round robin session run out of Richmond, B.C. All our games will be played at Pacific Pickleball Center. Our goal is to provide a social yet competitive level of play to all players, and to allow players to improve their DUPR scores accordingly. 

  • All players must have at minimum basic membership and have a DUPR account to play. Please register to be a member of our DUPR club by applying to be a member.

  • Everyone registers as a single, and we will assign teams upon your arrival for the session.

  • Each week will allow a different level and gender of DUPR play. For example, week 1 may be mixed 3.0-3.5, while week 2 may be for men’s 4.0+. Please see signup or login to your CourtReserve account to see all DUPR sessions offered

  • Players must provide their DUPR accounts/scores when registering. Pacific Pickleball reserves the right to reject registration if a player’s DUPR score is not within the correct levels (or self rated rating if no DUPR score is achieved yet)

  • Courts & teams will be assigned ahead of time. Please see playboard/CourtReserve for court assignment.

  • Each session is 2 hours. Each game plays up to 11 points with a hard cap of 15 points. Each team will play a total of 5 full games. There are 20 minutes to play each game. 

  • If a game finishes before 20 minutes have elapsed, players may rally for fun.

  • After 20 minutes, players are to switch teams/courts according to the schedule.

  • The schedule for each DUPR session is as follows:

    • 00m - Warmup for 5 minutes​

    • 05m - First game begins

    • 25m - Second game begins

    • 45m - Third game begins

    • 65m - 10 minute break

    • 75m - Fourth game begins

    • 95m - Fifth game begins

    • 115m - End of DUPR session

  • Players must provide their own paddles and balls. The ball in play must be agreed by both teams. Franklin X40 is the recommended ball.

  • At the end of the session, teams on each court return the clipboard to the front desk. Staff will upload the scores onto DUPR.

COST: $19.75 + GST

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