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We request all visitors to adhere to the rules and guidelines in place to ensure a safe

and enjoyable pickleball experience for everyone.

Attire & Equipment:

  • Clean, non-marking athletic shoes are mandatory to enter our court area. Please change into your indoor shoes before entering our court area. Marking courts may result in a $300 fine. 

  • Please wear appropriate sport attire. No jeans, leather clothing, beach wear, high heels or open toed shoes.

  • Eye protection is highly recommended.

  • Spectators entering the court area must also be wearing non-marking athletic shoes.


  • Waivers are signed as you apply online to be a playing member.

    • Everyone entering our court area is required to sign a waiver.

    • ​​This includes spectators and parents.

    • Paper waivers are available at the front desk. 

  • Parents or responsible adults must supervise their children under 13 year old at all times in our facility.

    • Pacific Pickleball is not responsible for unsupervised children.

  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs and pets are not permitted inside the facility.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings and fellow players to prevent accidents, on and off the courts.

  • Keep court surfaces free from obstacles or hazards while playing.

  • Please advise facility staff of any safety concerns.

  • Immediately report any injuries and accidents to facility staff.

  • In case of emergency, please follow facility staff direction for procedure and evacuation.


  • Please show the utmost respect and sportsmanship to your teammates, opponents, staff and other facility participants.  Fighting, instigating, abuse, and other aggressive behaviors will not be tolerated. Individuals will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to immediate ejection from the facility with no refunds

  • Avoid slamming or abusing equipment to prevent facility damage and injury to others

  • Do not purposely aim balls at the ceiling to prevent damage to the sprinkler system

  • Follow appropriate court rotation protocols for open play sessions

  • Please be on time arriving and leaving for your session. Do not use courts earlier/later than your approved booking time. PacPic reserves the right to charge additional fees and/or issue suspensions for any form of extended play on courts

  • Only water and sports drinks are permitted in the court area.

    • Please consume your food and other drinks in the lounge area.

    • Glass containers are not allowed in the court area.

    • Clean up any spills immediately and notify staff

Pacific Pickleball centre (PacPic) Rights

  • We reserve the right to refuse play and/or service to anyone and to ask individuals to leave our premises without refunds.

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of open play participants and alter assigned courts when necessary.

  • We reserve the right to alter court schedules and assignments without prior notice.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any program without prior notice.

  • We are not responsible for damaged/lost/stolen items, keep your eyes on your valuables at all times.

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