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  • I don’t have any pickleball gear, how can I play?
    For those looking to attend introductory clinics, loaner gear (paddles & balls) is provided to you free of charge. Outside of classes, paddles can be borrowed for free for a limited time, and balls can be purchased from our pro-shop. We also have a wide range of pickleball gear for purchase at our pickleball pro-shop. Please ensure you wear a clean pair of non-marking athletic shoes.
  • I'm used to playing on outdoor courts, what do I need to play on these indoor courts?
    Our courts are outdoor hard courts placed indoors. We require that all players wear non-marking shoes on our courts. This is a standard across almost all private courts that have premium playing surfaces. Please use an outdoor ball for the best experience.
  • What are non-marking shoes and where do I buy them?
    Non-marking shoes have soles that don’t mark the courts when making aggressive movements. The soles of non-marking shoes will have very shallow treads, and typically are made out of a soft rubber-type material to offer good traction in the absence of deep treads. Shoes that are named “court shoes” are typically non-marking, whereas runners are likely not non-marking. Our partner at T1 SPORTS has a wide selection of appropriate pickleball shoes. Please visit them at
  • Do I need to be a member to play or spectate?
    Everyone who enters the court area must be a Basic Member or have signed a paper waiver. This includes players and even spectators. Paper waivers are available at the front desk. If you plan to visit our facility more than once, we recommend you to sign up as a basic member. Those visiting our lobby and pro shop do not need to be members.
  • Do I need to check-in to reception when I arrive at the centre?
    Yes. Everyone who plays either must scan in on our automated scanner with their membership card that is stored on a phone app, or you can check-in with our staff with your name or membership number. This will work very similarly to local community centers when checking in to a swim program or to the gym.
  • Do I need to make a reservation to play?
    Yes. All our programs require registration before arriving at the center. This allows everyone to be guaranteed to play. For open play and lessons, individual members are required to register themselves. For court rentals, only the court booker is required to make the reservation, but the court booker must add all players expected to play onto the reservation.
  • My child/teenager wants to play, how do I bring them?
    Yes! All participants under the age of 18 must enroll in our Basic Membership and have a parent or legal guardian sign a Child Informed Consent form. Participants under 13 must be accompanied by a supervising adult on site for all programs. Participants 13 and over, but under 18 do not require a supervising adult. A Youth Membership is simply used to check-in to the center every time they visit, but do not have any booking or reservation privileges.
  • How are your courts different from the ones at the community centers?
    Our floors are surfaced by professionals using acrylic and silica sand. It is the official sports surface of the Australian Open and it is US Pickleball approved. We have brought the outdoor courts you are familiar with, indoors, where it is dry and under climate control.
  • I’m trying to learn Pickleball! How do I get started in playing?
    We recommend you to start at our intro clinic. Please sign up for our free Basic Membership and register for our intro clinic. From there we encourage you to sign up for our beginner’s classes if you would like to improve.
  • Does everyone on a court rental need to have the same membership type?
    No. Only the booking member needs to have a certain membership type for membership benefits to apply. Everyone else on the court can have Basic Membership.
  • Why are members restricted to renting 10 hours per week?
    10 hours is roughly consistently playing 5 times a week, 2 hours each time. This is an upper limit that we believe won’t be reached by the majority of individual groups. We want to ensure that all player groups have a chance to play at the center. If you are booking for multiple groups with multiple courts and are looking to play consistently at our facility, please contact us.
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