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introductory clinic

Good for: Complete beginners who are looking to experience playing pickleball for the first time.

We provide all paddles and court shoes if you don't have any.

Dates Offered: Saturdays 12 to 2pm, Tuesdays 5 to 7pm.

Clinic Duration: 2 hours

Class Size: 16 student max

Cost: $27.5 + GST

Intro Clinic

This introductory clinic is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning to play this exciting sport. This 2 hour session will cover the essentials to get you started on the courts. All equipment is included with the clinic. We will go over equipment basics, some rules, and simple skills and drills to equip you for a game of pickleball! By the end, you will gain a solid foundation of the game and have enough skills to start a rally. All you need to do is sign up for an account, and register for our intro clinic!

Lesson Plan:

  • A run-down on equipment and how to hold your paddle

  • Eye-hand drills

  • Rallying

  • The serve and the return

  • Modified game play

  • Simple game-play rules


Intermediate SKILL clinic series

Good for: Advanced beginners to lower intermediate players in the 2.5 to 3.25 skill range that desire to improve shot consistency of a certain skill. These individual clinics will review positioning, shot setup, and correct any technique issues. 

Desired outcome: Improvement to a 3.5+ player.

Instructor: Isaac St. Cyr, ITPTA Certified

Dates Offered: Sunday Nights 5:00pm or 6:30pm. Repeats every 8 weeks. Login to view specific clinic dates

Class Size: 12 student max 

Clinic Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $37.5 + GST per clinic

Intermediate Skills Credit Package

$169 + GST

  • 5 credits to be used towards any novice clinic. Thats just $33.80 per clinic!

  • $187.5 value

  • Does not expire. Email or call us to add to your account, 604.227.1113

  • 1 - Short Game - Dinking and Volleys 

    • Techniques:

      • Dinking technique

      • Volley mechanics

    • Drills:

      • Dinking rally - Focus on placement and control.

      • Volleys rally - Improve reflexes and touch.

  • 2 - Serve & Return with Drives

    • Techniques:

      • Various serve types

      • Driving returns

    • Drills:

      • Serve and drive - Target specific areas on the court with serves and returns.​​

  • 3 - Drop Shots

    • Techniques:

      • Drop shot execution

      • Touch and finesse

    • Drills:

      • Drop shot target practice: Aim for specific areas on the court to develop precision.

  • 4 - Lobs & Overhead Smash

    • Techniques:

      • Lob and smash execution

      • Timing and power

    • Drills:

      • Lob and smash practice: Develop accuracy and power in executing lobs and overhead smashes.

  • 5 - Game theory

    • Techniques:

      • Court positioning

      • Shot selection

    • Drills:

      • Tactical scenarios - Discuss and practice strategic decision-making.

      • Court positioning exercises - Learn optimal placement during different phases of play.

  • 6 - Footwork and Court Coverage

    • Techniques:

      • Efficient movement

      • Strategic positioning

    • Drills:

      • Side shuffle: Improve lateral movement along the baseline.

      • Approach and retreat: Practice moving from baseline to net and back.

  • 7 - Backhands

    • Techniques:

      • Backhand stroke mechanics

      • Grip adjustment

    • Drills:

      • Backhand rally: Focus on technique and consistency in backhand strokes.

  • 8 - Transition From Baseline to Kitchen

    • Techniques:

      • Quick transition

      • Net positioning

    • Drills:

      • Baseline to kitchen transition drill: Practice moving from defense to offense quickly and maintaining proper net positioning.


ADVANCED SKILL clinic series

Good for: Intermediate players to lower advanced players in the 3.5 to 4.25 skill range who can hit basic shots consistently and are looking to master more advanced techniques in a certain skill category. These individual clinics will dive deeper into shot strategy, advanced shot techniques, shot setup, and advanced game tactics of each shot. 

Desired outcome: Improvement to a 4.5+ player.

Instructor: Eugene Mak, NCCP Level 2 Certified

Dates Offered: Wednesday Nights 6:30pm. Repeats every 6 weeks. Login to view specific clinic dates.

Class Size: 12 student max

Clinic Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $37.50 + GST per clinic

Advanced Skills Package

$169 + GST

  • 5 credits to be used towards any advanced clinic. Thats just $33.80 per clinic!

  • $187.5 value

  • Does not expire. Email or call us to add to your account, 604.227.1113

  • 1 - Passive vs Aggressive Dinking

    • Advanced dinking techniques:

      • Footwork and setup

      • Passive vs aggressive dinking breakdown

      • Incorporating speed ups

    • Drills:

      • 4 player dink and strategy, pushing high shots

      • Transitioning to cross court dinks and footwork practice

  • 2 - Volleys and Dink Speedups

    • Advanced Volley and Dink techniques​

      • Paddle positioning on volleys​

      • Footwork and positioning

      • Resetting hand battles vs speeding up hand battles

    • Drills:

      • 4 way speedups and resets​

  • 3 - Serve and Return Clinic

    • Advanced serves and return techniques:

      • Driving the ball properly using proper paddle positioning, overall body positioning

      • Transferring power from the hips

      • Topspin vs flat drive

    • Drills:

      • Players take turns practicing different types of serves: flat, topspin, slice, and lob.

      • Focus on accuracy, placement, and varying the speed and spin of the serves.

  • 4 - Mid Court Defense - Resetting

    • Techniques:

      • Aggressive resets vs passive resets

      • Topspin, flat, and backspin reset

    • Drills:

      • Students practice each reset type on both sides of the court, focusing on aggressive vs passive


  • 5 - General Defense and Smash Defense

    • Defensive techniques:

      • Blocking volleys to absorb pace

      • High lobs to reset the point

      • Anticipating and reacting to opponents' smashes

    • Drills:

      • Smash defense drills: Players practice defending against simulated smashes from various angles and heights, focusing on positioning and timing.

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