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April 9, 2024

Leagues are starting to fill and we're getting lots of questions about what you'll win, and some other questions we want to answer here. Of course we have prizes for the top teams!




Elevate your game and reap the rewards of victory. Everyone in a league has a battling chance at winning. Below are the prizes for the league winners!


Division 1 Champions: 2 Selkirk Team Backpacks, each valued at $110!

Division 1 Runner Up: $80 credit to play at Pacific Pickleball!

Winners of Division 2, 3, and 4: 2 Selkirk Day Backpacks, each valued at $60!



We've also received many inquires about the league and how it works. We want to answer some of the most common questions.


Q. How am I playing with people in my own level if the league is from 3.25-4.5? Won't it be unfair?


A. Within the league, there are 4 Divisions. After registration closes, the league will be split into smaller divisions based on the declared ratings of each team. While each team will be initially put in a division corresponding to their declared or DUPR skill levels.


Q. What if I'm winning or losing too much in my division?


A. There is a re-tiering of divisions by the league's 3rd week. Teams that are clearly outliers in the division they are initially put in will have their divisions adjusted. This ensures people are having competitive games.


Q. What if my partner or I can't come for a few weeks?


A. You are allowed to have backup players to sub in for you. Only players in the same or lower skill level may play as a backup player. You may add them during your initial registration, or contact the league organizer to add them later on. No subs are allowed for playoffs.


Q. How do I know if I play in the earlier or later time slot?


A. Division 1 and 2 will be playing in the later 90 minute time slot, while Division 3 and 4 will be playing the in earlier time slot. You will be notified of your division a few days before the league begins. If you are re-tiered at week 3, there is a chance you may have to switch times.


Q. How do playoffs work?


A. Playoffs is a single game elimination tournament format. Teams are seeded from regular season results.


Q. I don't have a partner, how can I find one?


We can help you find one! Submit the form on our Leagues page and we will contact you once you have been matched!


EARLY BIRD RATES apply until April 16th and 19th! Register early to save!



Have more questions? Email us at

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