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How To Use Your Punch Cards

We've had some questions on how to use your punch cards, we know our software provider is not the most intuitive! Here are the four easy steps below:

  • Desktop & Mobile - Select the event you want to register to. Hit "REGISTER".

  • Desktop & Mobile - It will give you a total to pay, hit "FINALIZE REGISTRATION". Don't worry, it won't charge you yet.

  • On Desktop - on the following page, it will give you different options to pay. If you have a valid punch card package for the Open Play that you registered for (non-prime or prime), you can use your punch card by selecting "PAY WITH PACKAGE".

  • On Mobile - it will be under "Payment Types" - "PAY WITH PACKAGE"

  • Select the package you want to use, and hit "PAY".

  • All done!

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