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How To Use Your Standard Court Rental or Ball Machine Punch Package

After your punch package is applied to your account and you have paid for it, the next step is to use it!

The way to use your Court Rental or Ball Machine Package is similar to each other.

1) Once logged into our reservation software, Court Reserve, click on Court Bookings and select Book Standard Courts, or Book Ball Machine & Standard Court

2) On the timeslot selection page, select your desired time.

3) On the Reservation Creation page, change the reservation type to one of the punch cards that you have. The selected time slot must match your punch card type that you have (Non-Prime or Prime).

** If you are trying to make a reservation that crosses between Non-Prime and Prime time (i.e. 4pm to 6pm on weekdays), then you must create a separate reservation for each time time slot (i.e. 4pm to 5pm for Non-Prime, then 5pm to 6pm for Prime).

Once done, hit "SAVE"

4) This will take you to the payments page. If you have a valid punch card, you can pay with your punch card package. If your reservation exceeds the amount of punches you have to cover it, this option will not be available. To use your remaining punches, your reservation must match the amount of time you have remaining.

Once done, hit Pay, and you're set!

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