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Spring Swing Tournament (Instagram Post) (5).png

Thank you to all the participants for making Spring Swing a Success!

Below are the results from the tournament.

Mixed 3.5 (May 19, 2024)

1st Place - GOLD

Esther Chan, John Vu


2nd Place - SILVER

Kate Gecevska, Ryan Hum

3rd Place - BRONZE

Kelly Joiner, Clarence Chee

4th Place

Paula Marshall Andy Luong

5th Place - Tied

Chee DeVisser, Richard Yu

Rachel Wang, John Zhang

7th Place, Tied

Rose Wong, Ross Carter

Emily Chong, Ricky Li

9th Place, Tied

Lynelle Arsenault, Vince Fung

Brenna Inthavixay, Gary Au

Jing Cheng, Edwin Lee

Maria Patko, Mitra Chirkootsigh

13th Place, Tied

Leonie Plunkett, Rob Noble

Joyce Kam, Bruce Dawson

Joceline Heersink, Michael Skinner

Pamela Lewis, Russell Gheysson

Men's 3.5 (May 20, 2024)

1st Place - GOLD

John Vu, Solomon Seow


2nd Place - SILVER

Michael Geib, Cory Cavazzi

3rd Place - BRONZE

Andy Luong, Vince Fung

4th Place

Ricky Li, Paul Javier

5th - Tied

Philip Wong, Minh Nguyen

Thomas Hutchings, Nadeem Hirani

7th - Tied

Dominic Yu, Ben Lo

Alex Li, Raymond Yeung

Women's 3.5 (May 20, 2024)

1st Place - GOLD

Esther Chan, Kate Gacevska


2nd Place - SILVER

Rachel Wang, Chee De Visser

3rd Place - BRONZE

Julia Tanaka, Paula Marshall

4th Place

Tina Tse, Helen Wong

5th Place - Tied

Kelly Joiner, Samantha Johnson

Maria Patko, Lynelle Arsenault

7th Place - Tied

Julie Rogers, Debra Elliott

Vivan Fung, Kay Wang

9th Place - Tied

Kindra Tmana, Cheryl Nomura

Dominic Au, Brenna Inthavixay

Joyce Kam, Helen Chan

Terri Baker, Leonie Plunkett

13th Place - Tied

Chris Kam, Patricia Parisotto

Jo Monteith, Linda Wu

Colleen O'Gorman, Pam Lewis

Lisa Taylor, Katri Ulmonen

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