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open play

Open Play

Sessions Offered

Beginner Friendly Open Play - No Restrictions

  • Players must have at least taken an introductory clinic and/or beginner lessons to join this session, or have a good understanding of score keeping, and the rules. This is geared towards players who have played less than 10-15 Open Play sessions, who are practicing and learning the basics of rallying with new people. This is a session for easing into Novice Open Play. Higher level players may also join the session with a beginner friend, understanding these session are beginner friendly. 

Novice Open Play - Restricted to Beginner, 2.5 – 3.25

  • This is for novice players and some beginners who understand the basic rules, and score keeping. Players will have ideally played in at least 10-15 Open Play sessions. Players can have a good rally from now and then, but understanding that everyone who joins this session will have inconsistent shots that are being worked on.

Intermediate Open Play - Restricted to 3.25 – 3.75

  • Intermediate Open Play is for players who are able to hit moderately consistent shots and can keep a good rally going more than half the time. Players are well versed in how to keep score, understand the rules thoroughly, and enjoy a sense of friendly competition.

Intermediate Plus Open Play - Restricted to 3.5+

  • Intermediate Plus Open Play is for more advanced intermediate players who desire a slightly higher level of competition than the Intermediate (3.25 - 3.75) sessions. Players who are in this tier must show that they can hit shots relatively consistently, and be able to establish consistently good rallies. Players of higher caliber may also join this session such that everyone can enjoy a competitive focused session.

Advanced Open Play - Restricted to 4.0+

  • Advanced Open Play is for players who demonstrate excellence and a high level of consistency in their shots. There is an intention to compete and maintain longer rallies that can be intense at times.

Program Details

Open play is our flexible type of play that allows players to register either by themselves, with a partner, or with a group! Our open play sessions are offered based on skill level. Some sessions may cater more to beginners, some intermediate, and some advanced. When registering for Open Play on CourtReserve, please ensure the skill category you're registering for reflects your own skill level. This is to ensure everyone in the Open Play session will enjoy a level of competition that will be enjoyable!

The expectation of Open Play is for players to mix and match against new opponents and partners. Since everyone should be of similar skill level, this should offer a dynamic and unique level of play for every match played. You may pair with people you know once in a while, but you are expected to pair with new players every so often. This policy is to ensure that singles and duos that register are included in the session.

If you or your group are looking only to play within your circle, please reserve a court for private play.

Don't worry if you're first to sign up on open play, open play is guaranteed to have a minimum of 5 players for adequate mix and matching of players. If a session does not have enough players 12 hours before a session starting before 10am, or 4 hours before sessions starting after 10am, it will be cancelled and any registrants will be refunded.

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