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Sunday ladder league


Mixed league is a co-ed adult pickleball league. Pacific Pickleball will provide each team with scheduled competitive matches every week, and each team of two competes to try to move up in the league rankings. Every team's goal is to play their best and compete in well matched games, but most of all have fun while breaking a sweat! Our goal is to provide each team with a sense of satisfaction by having good spirited competitive matches.  No experience with leagues are required. Just register and be prepared to have a great time!

General Info

  • 8 week league. Players can sign up for individual sessions. All players must play at least 2 sessions to be considered for prizes. 

  • All players must have at minimum basic membership in order to play, no exceptions. They will also require a pickleball bracket account.

  • All genders, and all levels above 3.00 are welcome. Players will be assigned each week to play with people of similar skill. 

  • Please sign up INDIVIDUALLY.

  • Courts and partners will be assigned ahead of time. Please see playboard/CourtReserve for assignment. Players must provide their own paddles and balls. The ball in play must be agreed by both teams. Franklin X40 is the recommended ball.

  • Players are responsible for recording their scores on the court clipboard after each session. League organizers will update the ranking each week after the league session.

  • Players must show up for at least 2 sessions in order to be eligible for winning prizes.


  • Each session is 2 hours. Time is provided for warm up and games

  • Players are put into groups based on their ranking in the league, and play 6-7 games per session with different partners & opponents.

  • Games are played to 21 RALLY SCORING (approx 15 mins), switch ends at 11

  • Players will record their scores for each game played. This will be submitted to the league organizer or front desk at the end of the session.

  • Scores will be uploaded onto Pickleballbrackets. Player rankings will move up and down each week based on their stats. 

  • At the end of the season, the highest ranked male and female will receive a prize.


  • Rankings are determined by the following two stats:

    • First by percentage points won (points won divided by total number of points played)

    • If tied, then total number of points won.

  • Rankings and stats are displayed on this page after each season starts

  • Playoffs will be tournament format and will be single game eliminations determined by win or loss. Eliminated teams will have additional games against other eliminated teams that will determine their relative position within the division. Playoffs will have 3 games

General Rules, Format and Code of Conduct


Pacific Pickleball includes the following rule inclusions and modifications (ALL CAPTAINS MUST READ)


  • Default wins: If only one or no players from the opposing team show up within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, the first game of the match is considered a default win for the team on site. If after 20 minutes there are still not enough players, then the shorthanded team forfeits the 2nd game by default. If after 30 minutes there are still not enough players, the shorthanded team forfeits the 3rd game by default. All default wins carry the score of 11-0.  Sportsmanship does play a role in decision making and leniency, such as adverse weather or traffic, etc.

  • Determining Serve and Sides: Winner of a coin toss or rock/paper/scissor chooses one of the two options: A) To serve or receive, or B) the side of court. The losing team will take the remaining choice. Ex. Team A wins the coin toss, they decide to serve first, while team B will decide which side they will take. Players will switch sides for game 2, and the team receiving in game 1 will be the serving team in game 2. 

  • Primary & Secondary Players: Each team shall have 2 primary and up to 2 secondary players. Primary players must play a minimum of 50% of game nights for the team to be considered for playoffs. Each secondary player may not play more than 50% of game nights. If neither primary or secondary players can show up for a match, the match is either A) forfeited or B) a request for a one-time substitute may be submitted for league organizer review minimum 2 days before game day. If a primary player can no longer play (injury, medical, etc.), then another player must take their spot as a primary player. The team must notify Pacific Pickleball.

  • Secondary/Backup Player Considerations

    • A secondary player may play as backup for multiple teams.

    • A secondary player may not play down levels (Ex. An intermediate backup player cannot play in novice league, unless the team was moved up midway in the league)

    • In mixed doubles, a female backup player may substitute for the male or female player, a male backup player may only substitute for a male player.

    • During playoffs, at least one primary player from each team must participate.

    • Illegal substitutes during regular season or playoffs will result in a forfeit of all games played by the illegal substitute.

    • Other players/teams may report suspected illegal substitutes to the league organizers. League organizers have the right to check the ID of any player at any time.

  • No Show Teams: No-show teams cause disruption to the league and the enjoyment of other players due to forced canceled games. Any team that has zero players show up for their game night without notice may A) be subject to a $40 fine per incident, B) be given an official warning. Teams that no-show more than once may be subject to league suspension or expulsion. 

  • Ball In: When any ball/object from outside the playing area enters the playing area of an on-going game, players that spot the ball/object shall raise their hand and call “BALL IN”. Play is immediately stopped for safety reasons. The impeding ball/object shall be removed, and the play shall be re-served. 

  • Refereeing: All teams carry the responsibility of self-refereeing their own games with honesty and integrity. Game play is focused on fun and fairness. As a general rule, all line calls are made by the receiving team. If there is no clarity on the decision, the default call is always “in”. Please show the utmost respect for your opponents. Teams may report offending team/players who make multiple questionable calls or cause arguments. 

  • Scoring: Each game shall be played to 15 points, winning by a 2-point spread. The upper limit of points shall be 17. Teams unable to win by 2, but reach 17 points first, shall be declared winner.

  • Not finishing your games: There may be times when you run out of time to finish a game. Report the score as-is when the time the time cap was reached.

  • Disciplinary Action: League organizers may give one verbal warning, but also have the right to eject players from the premise immediately, and the player may be subject to further disciplinary action afterwards, including suspensions and expulsion. 

    • Pacific Pickleball has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol. They are prohibited in the facility, surrounding areas, and within players (under influence).

    • Dangerous play: head hunting, throwing paddles, dangerous actions or stunts (eg. Backflipping off the wall, jumping over nets, etc.)

    • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Screaming, shouting and arguing with players, refs, or league organizers. Disrespectful behavior. Using profanity or spitting towards others. Damaging other player’s equipment or facility space etc.

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