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Beginner friendly play

Are you a beginner who has or is currently taken lessons, but you have troubles finding a welcoming place to play?


For a limited time, we are offering a FREE 2 hour Open Play Session at any of our Beginner Friendly Play sessions offered throughout the week. 



  • You must be a beginner who has taken at least an introductory clinic, or is currently taking lessons, or have taken lessons from anywhere. You need to at least know the rules and how to play Pickleball.

  • You can be a new or existing member.

Simply follow the 3 Easy Steps Below:


  1. Create an account by hitting "SIGNUP/LOGIN" at the top of the page. When selecting your pickleball rating, make sure you select "Beginner". Existing members who would like to take advantage of this offer can also change their skill rating to "Beginner", by going to their member profile after signing in.

  2. Fill in the form below. Wait for an email saying you have a package applied to your account.

  3. Sign into your account and look under the "Program & Events" tab to select any one of our "Beginner Friendly Play" sessions to register! Here is also a quick guide on how to use your free credit.

Get your free 2 hour credit

Your credit will be applied within 1-3 business hours!

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